Below are computer generated stereoscopic pairs. Before I build anything in the real world, I design and build it in a virtual world on the computer, which has led me to these stereo pairs. For example, the first series of 10 images below are ten moments in time during a particular pattern on the virtual version of a piece later turned into Circle 184y 92 [Sphere 10 (24)] 46 1R (Note: If you scroll the video to 40 seconds, you will see the pattern run that generates the images below). Clicking on an image pair will open up a higher-resolution version showing much more detail, including reflections. These stereo pairs are turned into into large, very high-resolution prints (usually 16" x 36") to be viewed with a special stereoscopic viewer. The result is very intereting.

If you're curious, and to give you a sense of what you see through a stereoscopic viewer, you can view the thumbnails below in 3D by using a technique called parallel viewing. A quick tutorial can be found here: tutorial.